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Need Atlanta IT outsourcing? eWorkforce Technologies help you.

eWorkforce Technologies provides Atlanta IT outsourcing and managed service solutions for local businesses that cannot afford or do not need full time Atlanta IT staff. Customers can choose from customized Atlanta IT outsourcing plans to complement any existing IT infrastructure.

Mention the word outsourcing in polite company and most listeners immediately think of U.S. manufacturing or customer service jobs being transferred overseas at the expense of the U.S. workforce. But the concept has a local variation that is beginning to take hold in the small- and medium-sized business market that may revolutionize how businesses deal with information technology.

Instead of working with multiple managed Atlanta IT outsourcing providers losing precious time as each team evaluates, acquires, deploys and finally provides support eWorkforce Technologies will provide you with a comprehensive solution that will meet your needs for one, flat monthly fee.

eWorkforce Technologies Atlanta IT outsourcing offers Atlanta businesses a local option for outsourcing, keeping jobs here while saving money for IT Services. Our Atlanta IT outsourcing provides your company day-to-day IT support and services with local technology consultants from right here in Atlanta. We remotely monitor and maintain your network and your computers always anticipating, detecting and resolving problems before your infrastructure goes down in Flames.

Atlanta business owners can see the benefits of having eWorkforce Technologies’ remote technology experts are constantly available to maintain their computer systems.

Benefits of Managed Services

Technical Expertise: Now and in the Future

There are several reasons why a managed services solution makes sense for many small and medium-sized businesses. First and foremost, there is an increasing level of technical sophistication needed by an internal IT staff person to manage a network that incorporates the security and mobility required by most businesses today. Unless you can hire highly experienced technology staff and afford to keep them current with the latest training, you run the risk of making your data network—a critical business asset—vulnerable to security threats.

For example, I've found in many instances that internal IT personnel can't even keep up with the operating system patches and updates recommended by vendors to close known security gaps in the software being used. With the rampant increase in computer viruses and software bugs discovered as programs are used more broadly, software companies are providing software updates more frequently to combat these threats. In 2005, more than 6,000 of these vulnerabilities and associated "fixes" were identified, making it almost a full time job just to stay current with what patches are required, and this does not include the actual time it might take to implement the fix or patch for the problem.

You'll also be getting access to resources that can help smooth technology transitions as you are faced with the inevitable issues of new regulations on your use of technology, new operating systems (I can't begin to tell you the number of questions that I've fielded regarding Microsoft Vista), and new software products that may help your business grow.

More Time for Business

Many small business owners report that one of the best aspects of outsourcing their IT requirements is the freedom it creates in business operations. First, outsourcing allows the owners to focus attention away from IT maintenance or problems and on to core business practices. Second, it allows them to explore new uses for technology in their core business that they couldn't afford in their old environments or didn't have time to investigate. For example, greater capacity in the managed services data center might allow a company to participate in high volume events—such as your Web site being able to withstand hundreds or thousands of hits when you offer a discount coupon or host an online event—that in the past may have overwhelmed the IT infrastructure. Buying capacity, such as offsite storage for large amounts of data while you're working on an important project, for a limited period of time is another core business advantage that comes with a managed services solution.

Take this simple test to find out if you need Atlanta IT outsourcing services.

  • Does your network shut down from time to time without warning, rendering workers unable to use e-mail or access network data?
  • Are your employees reliant on the ability to enter data or retrieve information from a centralized server or database in order to serve customers?
  • Is yours an e-commerce-driven business relying on real time financial transactions or estimates?
  • Do you and your employees rely primarily on e-mail communication with important clients, vendors and partners?
  • 1) Get to know your managed services solution provider. Don't sign on with the first Atlanta IT outsourcing company you talk to. Like any other business, managed services solution providers offer a variety of skills and services and approach situations differently. Interview several different companies, talk to their current customers, and select the right one for your company and industry.
  • 2) Proactive support is essential. You never know when an IT crisis is headed your way, but your solution provider should. It's essential to see a problem before it develops and keep your network protected against the latest security threats. Make sure you select a company with proactive steps to keep your network up and running. They should be able to demonstrate that they have the certification and skills necessary to always keep you in operation. One way to justify your move to managed services is to calculate the cost of lost productivity in your firm if you lose the ability to operate for an hour or a day because of a network failure.
  • 3) Avoid unnecessary costs. Solution providers should be able to resolve most problems without ever paying a visit to your business. New tools from computer manufacturers and chip companies are designed to remotely monitor, diagnose and fix even basic hardware issues, with the ultimate goal of physically touching computers only twice – once to install and once to pick up at the end of their useful life. Remote management and maintenance of your computers and your IT network will ultimately save valuable time and money.
  • 4) Communication is key. Your local managed services solution provider has a wealth of information that can be leveraged to make smart and cost-efficient upgrades and adjustments to your IT operations. Before you sign with any solution provider be sure they will provide you with regular network updates, performance reports and technology recommendations for you to get the most from your computing environment.
  • 5) Know the cost upfront. Certainly no one can predict the exact expenses associated with your Atlanta IT outsourcing solutions, but you should select a provider that can offer a variety of services and show you exactly what they will cost.

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