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Looking for reliable web hosting services? Never purchase another server again for your web hosting services Ever Again

You know the feeling... The one you get every time you're told you need another piece of computer related hardware for the company network. What would you say to never having that feeling again? You read that correct... Never have to purchase or deal with the headaches of web hosting, computer or network hardware again.

DigitalAdvantage Plus™ provides you will all the benefits of the DigitalAdvantage™ web hosting services program plus all the hardware and software to completely supply your network infrastructure needs. In fact you could easily call DigitalAdvantage Plus™ "infrastructure-as-a-service." Another way to think of it is to apply the delivery of electricity to your office; you don't have to own the power plant, if fact it would be crazy to even consider such. You simply pay the electic company for the amount of electricity you use.

Now apply that to your company's network infrastructure.... Everything is delivered to your door and you are only paying for what you use. So instead of shelling out thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars just to maintain your software licensing and for network maintenance, you have one affordable monthly payment that covers everything. Hardware, software, 24x7x365 monitoring and maintenance, live help desk, on-site support, etc.

Benefits to DigitalAdvantage Plus™ web hosting services plan;

  • Save money with much lower IT costs
  • Pay as you go
  • Save time
  • More experienced IT support staff, working 24x7x365, than you could afford to bring in-house
  • IT budget focused on specific needs
  • Immediate access to latest innovations and upgrades
  • Focus time and budget to competitive advantage rather than infrastructure
  • More powerful, secure, redundant hardware infrastructure than you afford on your own

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David Is One Guy Who "Gets It"

As a financial planning business our clients look to us for stability, reliability, and solid conservative financial values. Therefore when we were constantly having It problems of some type, it didn't present the firm in the manner we wanted.

Now with DigitalAdvantage™ we never have an IT glitch. Furthermore DisasterSafe™ allows us the peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, whether it's an important document that was accidentally deleted or the something far worse, our and our clients' data is secure and backed up. David is one of the few guys that "get it" when it comes to understanding the needs of the small business. It's a pleasure having David as our trusted IT vendor.

Don Kowalsky, CEO Key Planning

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